Quiz Night

On Saturday 23 April at 7pm at St Joseph’s Church Hall.

Come along and enter a team of 6 for a fun night, entry is £1.00 per person. Included is soup and a roll, tea and coffee. Bring your own soft drinks or alcohol if you fancy something stronger. There will be a raffle so bring your spare change.

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Hull Faith Forum: Jesus Christ, Creator of the Universe, Centre of Our Lives

Monday 29th October Fr Kevin Douglas will be speaking at St Joseph’s Hall, Boothferry Road, Hull at 7:30pm.

Age guide Senior School – 35 yrs.

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Free Booklets: Celebrating the Year of Faith

Free booklets from the Diocese – Celebrating the Year of Faith.

Also: Dorway to Faith Booklets starting from 14th October to 13th January 2013 are £1 a copy.

Both booklets at the back of Church.

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Say a Prayer and Light a Candle

St Wilfrid’s 29th October 10:45am – 1:00pm

Corpus Christi 2nd November 10:45am – 12noon.

More volunteers are needed even if you can only give five minutes.

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Who Do You Say I Am?

During Lent 2009, Bishop Terry is giving a personal invitation to every young person aged 13 to 30 in the Diocese. This is his message to you…

Last year I had the privilege of being at World Youth Day in Sydney. What a breathtaking experience that was! I wish you could all have been there with Pope Benedict and 400,000 young Catholics from all over the world. To be with so many young people full of faith was wonderful.

During our time in Australia, the Pope reminded us that Christ is the Truth and the Way which leads to real Life. Our faith brings us to life in Christ. This is the reason the Church exists, so we can come to know Jesus Christ and the life only he can give.

Pope Benedict reminded us all that we have been specially chosen by God who loves us. God our Father has called us into existence for a specific reason. He wants us to search and find Him in all that is good, beautiful and true in our lives and in the world. His gift of freedom enables us to choose these things and so find genuine happiness.

We talked about the gifts God gives us in the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, who gives us all we need as we journey through life. He helps us find our real purpose, so we can help build God’s family, of which we are all members.

When you were baptised, God drew you into his own life and you became his adopted son or daughter. Right then, the Holy Spirit came to live in you. During the ceremony the priest told your parents you had become a new creation. Let me quote from the Holy Father in Australia: Dear young friends, remember that you are a new creation! As Christians you stand in this world knowing that God has a human face – Jesus Christ – the Way who satisfies all human yearning and the Life to which we are called to bear witness, walking always in His light.

Returning from that special experience in Australia, it struck me that a simple way of supporting and encouraging you would be to create a life-changing opportunity for you. Each week during Lent I will come to Hull, York and Middlesbrough. I hope to meet you there. If you are open to what the Lord is saying, life will never be the same again. I promise. Together, I want us to begin to answer Jesus’ challenging question: Who do you say I am?

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