Happy Memories by Margaret Godfrey

I have happy memories of all the West Hull Parishes. The youngest of six children I was baptised at St. Wilfrid’s and educated there for my first two years. Sister Mary Sebastian was in charge of the infants, a sweet and gentle nun, and Sister Mary Vianney the headmistress, a strict disciplinarian, but no less fondly remembered.

My father was an altar server, later receiving the Bene Merenti medal for over fifty years service to the church. My mother had a beautiful soprano voice and sang with the choir, in those days children didn’t sit with parents at Mass, but in the front pews with the nuns. There was no shortage of altar servers here, six Sweeney brothers served together.

I wonder if anyone remembers Father Cornwall, parish priest of Corpus Christi, coming to the church hall, each week to show us films, ‘The Three Stooges’, ‘Felix the Cat’ etc. I don’t think it cost us anything.

Next, to Corpus Christi, where we often walked the two miles each way twice on a Sunday during the war, when buses where few and petrol short. Long after we moved away, we always returned on the feast of ‘Corpus Christi’ to walk in procession with the St. Wilfrid’s children. All the catholic schools gathered at Endsleigh for the walk. Sister would loan out veils to the less fortunate for a penny. No one was very rich in those days.

Father M. Barry, the curate began a youth club in the presbytery, quiz nights & spelling tests. Father often treat us to supper from the local fish shop at the end of the night, and always treat us to Hull Fair – he was a much loved priest.

Our Christmas parties in those days, 1946, were held in St. Joseph’s hall, sadly I have lost my photographs, but still remember all the memories.

I loved having a turn to crown ‘Our Lady’ one May, and along with my sister strewed flowers before the Blessed Sacrament. My mother decorated our baskets filling the centres with flower heads and petals, sadly the following generation have no knowledge of this lovely ceremony.

Now I enjoy being part of St. Joseph’s parish. We have two most caring priests, working so much for the children. The monthly masses for the family are much enjoyed. This year I look forward to seeing the fourth of my seven grandchildren make his first communion – another wonderful memory.

DEO GRATIAS (Thanks be to God)